A PETITION signed by hundreds of people to remove a taxi rank outside a health centre appears to have been ignored.

A total of 759 patients signed a petition to remove the rank outside Shoebury Health Centre, in Campfield Road. They claim elderly and disabled patients are being ticketed for being dropped off there. There is a taxi spot 200 yards down the road anyway.

The petition, started by Independent councillor Anne Chalk, was turfed out by Southend’s Cabinet on July 1. It was referred to the scrutiny committee, but this was rejected by councillors and now looks unlikely to be progressed.

Anne Chalk, Independent councillor for Shoebury, said: “More than 700 people signed the petition so it’s fair to say people are up in arms.

“I think the new administration has made a mistake with this one.

“It has assumed it is a parking issue, when it is an issue with mobility.”