AN APPEAL has been issued by Rayleigh Town Council to help find the Town’s Crest pendant.

The pendant forms part of the Chairman’s Chain of Office and was last seen at an official function at Sweyne Park School on Friday, June 13.

Town Chairman Eddie Dray came to put the chain on for another engagement on Tuesday, June 17, but found the pendant to be missing.

It is believed the pendant, four inches in length, made of metal-backed enamel with the town’s crest on the front, was lost in transit after last Friday’s event.

Sweyne Park School have been alerted to the situation and are carrying out a search but as yet have not found anything.

The pendant is insured and will be replaced if needed, but it is of historical importance to the town and has been an integral part of the Chain of Office since the days of the Rayleigh Urban District Council and was handed over to the town authority in 1996.

Mr Dray said: “I was devastated when I discovered the loss and appeal to anyone who may come across it to hand it back to the Town Council”.

Anyone with information should contact the Town Clerk on 01268 741880 or email