SHOEBURY residents should not be alarmed by explosions and gunfire for the next two weeks.

The Ministry of Defence will be carrying out range activities on weekdays until Friday, May 9.

Gunfire and explosions are scheduled for April 29 and May 6-8, with just explosions planned for April 28 and 30, and May 2 and 9.

There will be no activity on Monday, May 5 as it is a bank holiday and the programme in general does not represent an increase in range activity.

On Thursday, May 1 explosions will begin at 8am, but for the remainder of the time activity should be heard at intervals between 9am and 5pm.

The public is advised that weather conditions on any given day significantly influence if and where activity may be noticed.

If members of the public have concerns about the activity they are encouraged to call the careline on 0800 0560108.

Members of the public can also receive advance notification of activities by registering for the advance alert service, to do so email