A WORRIED owner feared her dog would die after it was attacked by a husky.

Dee Martin’s 11-year-old whippet, Nena, was left bleeding and in need of emergency surgery after a white husky bit her in an alleyway off Benfleet High Road.

Mrs Martin, of Saxon Way, Benfleet, said: “I had taken Nena out for her walk and we were walking along the High Road. I had just gone up the alley to Richmond car park. There was a man standing there with a white husky on a lead.

“As we walked past, this dog just went for Nena’s neck. She spun around and caught her back.

“There were loads of elderly people asking if she was OK but all the dog owner said was ‘sorry mate, she’s not normally like that’. Then his wife and daughter came and met him and I heard him say their dog had just bitten mine – then they walked off.”

Nena was rushed to the vets where she underwent a two-hour operation on the wound.

Mrs Martin, 29, said: “Because of her age, the vets were worried she wouldn’t even survive the anaesthetic.”

Nena is now visiting the vets every two days after an infection developed in her scar.

Mrs Martin said: “The dog ripped her open. I don’t know what would have happened if my ten-year-old son had been holding the lead. Thankfully he wasn’t with me.

“When the dog walked over I thought it was just coming over to sniff her.

“It just happened so quick and the man had no control. I don’t know why he couldn’t pull it back. If it had got to Nena’s neck she wouldn’t be here.

“The police have said there is nothing they can do as it didn’t attack a person but there is a dog that lives in this area that does not wear a muzzle and has done this to an 11-year-old dog.

“I don’t want this to happen to someone else’s dog.

“If it’s happened once it can happen again. I’ve told everyone I knowwith a dog to look out.”

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “We are very concerned to hear of this poor dog who must have gone through quite some ordeal, but very pleased to hear she is on the road to recovery again.

“It is difficult to comment on this particular case without being involved, but it is the owners’ responsibility to make sure their dog is under control at all times and that they do all they can to prevent any aggression.

“Evidence of seriously dangerous dogs should be reported to the police.”