THIEVES broke into a garage to steal a race motorbike worth £6,000.

Ricky Beavis, 21, of Exeter Close, Shoebury, had owned the black Kawasaki motorcycle for less than a year.

His parents David and Tracy Beavis, whom he lives with, found their garage open and had to break the news to him.

Mr Beavis said: “It was heart-wrenching. He has worked hard for it and some scumbag has taken it. We know they are probably in the local area, but there’s nothing we can do.

“Our garage is a couple of minutes walk from the house and when I saw it my heart just sank.

I knewwhat was kept there.”

Raiders only stole one bike from the garage, despite another also being in there, leaving Mr and Mrs Beavis wondering whether they were stealing to order.

Police are investigating the incident, which took place between 7pm on Saturday, August 9 and 5.15am on Sunday, August 10. Anyone with information can call Essex Police on 101.