AN early morning shed fire damaged three properties.

Leigh firefighters found the shed, in Woodfield Park Drive, completely alight when they arrived at about 3.20am yesterday.

They spent half an hour extinguishing the blaze, which damaged fencing to a property next door as well as another shed in the property behind. A fire investigation found the blaze was caused by an extension cable that overheated.

Fire officer Wayne Davey said: “It looks like it was an electrical fault.

An extension lead was wound too tightly.

“When that happens it gets hotter and hotter and then it catches on fire.

“The shed was 100 per cent alight and affected other residents as well.

“Everyone was outside and safe.

The owners did the right thing. They didn’t try to put it out – they just called us and waited for us to arrive.

“Wewere there for 50 minutes while we investigated.”

No one was injured. The property owners lost their fridge and garden equipment in the blaze.