FED UP residents raised concerns about the tidiness of their towns.

Dean Crawley, of Benfleet, said grass verges in Benfleet had not been cut since October, making the area look unattractive.

Mr Crawley, 33, of Southwold Crescent, said Castle Point Council only arranged for grass to be cut on his road after he pestered it.

He said: “I’ve only just moved to the area from Canvey, but I cannot believe how bad things are.

The council has not cut the grass around Tarpots since October, 2013.

“Meanwhile, inHatleyGardens, the grass in places is two feet tall.

It’s appalling and the council does not seem that bothered.”

Canvey Island Independent Party leader Dave Blackwell said said: “The situation is out of control.

The borough never used to look so bad. It’s terrible.

“If you were a visitor, you would walk out of the station, turn back and go to Southend.

The council has lost control of it.”

A council spokesman said: “In terms of the grass verges in Southwold Crescent and adjacent roads, Pinnacle, our grounds maintenance contractor has been limited in what it can cut by works currently being undertaken by a statutory service company in the area.

“Weather permitting, the grass in HatleyGardens will be cut next week.”