UKIP dismantled a decade of Tory dominance in Basildon, roaring to a massive 11 seats, leaving the council in no overall control.

Basildon Council saw their paper thin majority wiped out early doors as Ukip stole 11 of the 15 seats up for grabs.

The Euro-sceptic party managed to dethrone heartbroken leader Tony Ball in Wickford North, while cabinet members John Dornan and Malcolm Buckley were also ousted in a tearful night for the Tories.

Basildon Ukip branch leader Kerry Smith, who took Netheymane from the Lib Dems on a sizeable majority, said: “People are just not happy and this has been shown in the results tonight.

“I’m delighted. Finally residents will have a party that listens to them.”

Now with 12 seats, Ukip is officially the opposition to the Tories, which saw their seats cut from 24 to 17, but the council has fallen into no overall control – with the potential for two of the parties to go into a Coalition.

Labour lost two seats and made no gains in a sobering night for the former major players on the council.

They did retain four seats in Tory heartland of Billericay, Burstead, and Crouch.

Giant killer Peter Holliman, who beat Mr Ball, said: “I’m stunned and numb.”

Mr Ball, who had been council leader for five years and presided over major policies such as the Dale Farm eviction, said: “Ukip have tapped into what voters think of immigration and the European Union and we did not get our local message out, so we failed.”

Ukip won seats in Fryerns, Laindon Park, Langdon Hills, Lee Chapel North (x2), Nethermayne, Pitsea North West, Pitsea South East, Pitsea North West, Wickford Park, Castledon, and North.

Tories retained their seats Billericay East and West, plus Crouch and Burstead – with former cabinet member Andrew Baggott making a return to the council.

Current makeup of the council: /
Ukip: 12
Tories: 17
Labour: 10
Independent Labour: 2
Lib Dem: 1