LEADING historian David Starkey is coming to Southend. 

Dr Starkey, the notable broadcaster and historian visited Southend's Forum library on Friday to give a lecture on The Tudors and Us as part of Southend Libraries' programme of events.

A packed audience in the lecture theatre enjoyed an evening on the Tudor Age and how their enduring legacy still affects us today.

Topics included how Henry VIII was the first Euro-sceptic, the bizarre love letters between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn along with Henry VII's setting up of the dynasty with his tenuous claim to the throne.

Many people had the opportunity to meet the Dr Starkey during an informal book signing session.

Matthew Holmes, partnership and promotion manager, said: "It was a most enjoyable and memorable evening.

"We eagerly await Shirley Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby on Friday, June 27, with a lecture on Politics & Music in the 20th Century, as part of our ongoing series of events."