A MAN was left trapped underneath his owncar after a freak accident in Benfleet.

Dennis Goodwin, 78, is seriously ill in hospital after being crushed by his car outside his home in Sydney Road.

Mr Goodwin, husband of Castle Point Tory councillor Wendy Goodwin, is believed to have been adjusting the front window of his Renault Megane when the accident occurred.

He had to be flown to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, after suffering serious pelvic, leg, and arm injuries.

Mr Goodwin’s son, Philip, said: “It’s not entirely clear how the accident actually happened.

“It’s like a freak accident, to be honest.

I believe my father was adjusting the window, the car jumped back and he fell under the wheel.

“My father is in a stable condition.

“My mother would like to thank all of the emergency services for all the help and support they provided.”

Emergency services attended the scene at about 6.30pm on Monday.

Firefighters were able to release Mr Goodwin by 7.15pm, after using two airlifting mats to raise the car.

Police, the air ambulance, a land ambulance and a rapid response car were all present as the rescue operation took place.

Candice Viljoen, 20, of nearby Limetree Avenue, went to the scene after seeing the air ambulance over her house.

She said: “I was in my back garden and then I saw the air ambulance over head.

“I ran out and saw the guy being pulled from underneath his car. He looked unconscious. There was a lot of noise. Half of Benfleet ran out of their houses to see what happened.”

Steve Johnson, 62, also of Sydney Road, said: “I didn’t know what happened at first. I heard sirens and at first thought it was a police chase.

“Then I saw the paramedics, police cars and fire engines. The firefighters had to jerk the car up to release him.

“From what I could see, his head was near the driver side of the car, with the body near the wheels, because paramedics were all surrounding that one part of the car.

“I don’t knowhim personally, but he seems like a friendly chap, always smiling.”

The car was later taken away by police and is reportedly being checked for any malfunctions. Mr Goodwin is in a stable condition.