A POPULAR lollipop man had his dedication rewarded by grateful parents.

Bob Pugh, who shepherds children and their parents across the road outside Friars School, in Constable Way, Shoebury, celebrated his birthday on Wednesday and, thanks to parents, the day didn’t go unmarked.

Bob arrived at work to find balloons tied to railings and parents cheering him on.

Scott Gordon, who organised the celebration, said: “We found out it was his birthday, so we put the balloons up and everyone wished him a happy birthday.

There was a great response from everyone.

“He’s great with the kids and dresses up at Christmas and Easter.

“He is a credit to the school and gives kids an incentive to go.”

Bob said: “It was brilliant. It just took me by surprise.

“I had loads of cards and sweets from the kids.

“It was really nice.”