EWESAIN Bolt will be hoping to bring home gold when she joins a flock of candy-coloured lambs racing through Barleylands Farm.

Sheep racing will return to the Billericay farm during its Woolly Weekend from Saturday to Monday.

The Barleylands Lamb National Sheep Races were a big hit for the farm park when they were introduced last year and this year Ewesain will join Lady Baa Baa, Red Ram and Golden Fleece on the starting line.

Each sheep will be sporting a red, yellow, green or blue “wool do”. They have been dyed with natural non-toxic dye.

Farm park manager Dave Finkle said: “Our racegoers should find it even easier to follow and cheer on their favourite sheep now and we can’t wait to see the colourful spectacle.”

Sheep shearing and wool making demonstrations will also be on offer at the weekend, as well as lamb bottlefeeding and a trail.

The sheep racing will continue during the summer. For more, visit www.barleylands.co.uk.www.barleylands.co.uk