AN inspirational schoolgirl has become a self-styled ambassador for Diabetes UK to warn of the tell-tale signs of a sufferer falling unwell and raise cash for research.

Brooke Bell, ten, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, is spreading the message far and wide to try to help others.

Brooke, a pupil at Lee Chapel Primary School in Basildon, has already given a lesson to her classmates and will run a stall at John Baron’s annual Fun Walk, at Barleylands Farm, on May 18.

Brooke will also take part in the three-mile walk to raise money for the charity.

Her grandmother, Carole Moore, 55, of The Knares, Lee Chapel, Basildon, said: “She’s very passionate about people knowing about diabetes.

“She was three when she was diagnosed, so she’s had to deal with it for a long time.

“She has her moments when she says ‘why me?’, likewhen she has to keep checking her blood levels and her fingers get sore.

“But she likes to help people, she doesn’t like to see people poorly. She thinks everyone should know that if she or anyone else is ill somewhere they will know what to do.

“It was also her idea to have the information stand at the event, just like it was her decision to stand up at school to tell everyone about Type 1 diabetes.”

Brooke will explain to people what happens when a diabetic’s blood glucose levels fall, and what can be done to help.

Carole added: “Seeing her chatting to people makes me so proud. She’s a little girl and being so mature. It makes sufferers think if that little girl can deal with it then they can too.

“Her condition has never held her back from doing anything.

She plays football and netball, likes swimming and has a pony.

“We make sure she takes care of howmuch sugar she is eating, but don’t stop her.

“We’ve always encouraged her to live a normal life.”

Sharon Roberts, eastern regional manager for Diabetes UK, said: “Brooke is an inspiration.

She has not only embraced life, but is open and honest with her friends and peers to raise awareness of the condition.

“No one knows exactly what causes Type 1 diabetes, but it’s not to do with being overweight and isn’t currently preventable.

“The money she is raising will help fund ongoing research, which aims to create a world without diabetes.”

Brooke will have a collection bucket with her on her stall at the fun walk.

To register for the walk, which starts at noon, call 07544 324218 or email