MORE than 140 residents are objecting to plans to open a laser game centre in a quiet village.

Proposals have been drawn up to convert offices and warehouses at Hygro Farm, in Kennel Lane, Great Burstead, into a children’s activity centre.

The proposed activity venue would be similar to Quasar, a national laser game centre.

It would be open from 9am until 5pm seven days a week, with 30 parking spaces available for customers.

Plans have been submitted to Basildon Council.

Tetra Scene of Crime, which supplies and makes forensic, police and security equipment, previously used the buildings for storage, but now has a new warehouse closer to its headquarters in Carnival Way, Basildon.

Resident Steve Ball, of Kennel Lane, Great Burstead, is concerned the centre would lead to high levels of noise and disturb residents, as well as increasing traffic.

He has spent the past week visiting neighbours Church Street, Kennel Lane, Trinity Road and Magnolias, with more than 140 residents set to join him in objecting to the scheme by writing to the council.

Mr Ball said: “With a business like this opening in a quiet, residential area, seven days a week, every day of the year, you are going to be looking at a lot of problems with traffic and parking.

“This type of development should be in an industrial area. I’m not against local business, but I think it needs to be right thing in the right place.

“The impact of an activity centre is not in keeping with the character of Great Burstead, and the changes will haveamajor impact on the living conditions and lives of neighbours and residents living in the area.”

Adrian Jones, from Tetra Scene of Crime, was surprised by the opposition and said plans were in the very early stages.

He said: “We are looking into potentially turning the facility into a little play centre. Nothing is set in stone, we just wanted to see if it would be allowed first of all.”