A SCHOOLS’ trust is set to benefit from more than £64,000 to run a research project on the First World War.

Sixteen schools in Benfleet, Thundersley and Hadleigh – which together make up the BATIC Trust – have been awarded a Heritage Lottery grant to run a project to mark the centenary year of the start of the war.

Each school will select one teacher and a group of pupils who will research and study the impact the First World War had on Castle Point.

The project will see pupils take part in workshops and educational visits to the Imperial War Museum, as well as creating fictional characters to explore everyday life during the war.

Steve Bish, BATIC Trust manager from the Deanes School, said “We are delighted to receive the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and know the students will benefit enormously from the investment.

“The project not only allows for dedicated time to study this period in depth, but also allows for all schools to take part in school trips to places, such as the Imperial War Museum in London.”

Kate Brown, development officer at the Heritage Lottery Fund East of England, said: “It is fantastic that this lottery funded project will enable young people to mark this global centenary by exploring the impact of the First World War.

“This award follows an earlier project and will help build a strong understanding of their local area. We’re always happy to hear from groups in Castle Point that have an idea for a heritage project.”

The fund has supported more than 36,000 projects across the UK, totalling £5.9billion.

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris, said: “Huge congratulations to the BATIC Trust and the Deanes School who helped them secure this funding that will benefit pupils in 16 schools across Castle Point.

“I would also like to say an enormous thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund who have really taken on my challenge to make sure that more good causes in Castle Point are receiving grants to make up for the historically low levels of funding that we received before 2010.”

For more information, visit www.hlf.org.uk.