A MAN who suffered a punctured lung, four broken ribs and multiple bruises after challenging a gang who were smoking drugs insists he’d do it all again.

Almost six months on from the brutal attack, Stephen Holmes, 46, of Falcon Way, Shoebury, rarely leaves his home, but still believes he did the right thing.

Already debilitated by pancreatitis and needing a mobility scooter to get around, Stephen was subjected to a vicious attack which left him with a series of injuries including a punctured lung, broken ribs and bruises.

Having just put his six-year-old daughter to bed on October 5 last year, he saw a group of three young men or teenagers causing a nuisance outside his window.

After telling them to go away, one spat in his face, so he went outside to challenge them.

He was then attacked by a gang of seven, who punch, kicked and stamped on him.

But, despite it all he still doesn’t regret his actions.

He said: “My position remains exactly the same – a man’s home is his castle, if someone is attacking you, you have to protect yourself, your family and your property.”

The healing process is taking longer than he thought.

He said: “At night I still get pain, and sometimes when I breathe it sounds like I’ve got really bad asthma or like I’ve been smoking 50 a day.

“I’m disabled anyway and now whenever I see a story about a disabled person being attacked in the news I feel sick.”

He added: “Since it’s happened I’ve had a knock to my self esteem. I try not to go out. It’s not that I’m scared of people, it’s that I’m worried I might overreact to someone, think I’m defending myself and hurt them.

“There’s not been anyone that’s come forward and offered to help or anything.”

He said: “I trust the police, but there’s only so much you can do if they’re cutting them back.

"When I was young we had respect for the police and the local officer knew all the kids on the housing estate I lived on in London.

"Today there is a real problem with gang culture.”

The group were all in their mid to late teens, white and spoke with local accents.

The attack took place on Saturday, October 5, 2013 about 7.15pm.

Anyone with information about the incident should call Southend CID, on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.