FORMER Visteon workers will mark five years since they were made redundant by marching on the Capital.

More than 200 ex-workers will rally outside the offices of the unionUnite, in Holborn, on Wednesday, April 2, with MPs to press for action against Ford to reclaim their lost pensions.

Visteon, an offshoot of Ford, went bust in 2009, meaning employees in plants in Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, as well as Swansea, Enfield and Belfast, lost their pensions.

They only received statutory redundancy packets, but workers claimed they should be given Ford pensions, having been transferred to Visteon when it was set up.

Paul Bailey, a lead campaigner, said: “The march has been a key part of the campaign. Meeting at the Unite Union HQ has reinforces our determination for the Unite leadership to see this through to a successful conclusion.

“This is a critical time – we have pushed, pulled, demonstrated, met ministers, MPs, Euro MPs, American union members, and more.”

The pensioners are planning to go to the High Court in November as part of a joint claim against Ford.

The case involves 1,400 people.