CAMPAIGNERS hope to raise £3,500 to help a dog to walk again.

Southend RSPCA and Earl’s Hall Veterinary Hospital are trying to raise the money to cover the costs of an operation and rehabilitation for five-year-old dachshund, Bella, who has lost the feeling in her back legs and is unable to walk.

Bella has already had the operation, at the Animal Health Trust Hospital, in Newmarket, Suffolk, and she already appears to have some feeling returning to her legs, but vets say but she still has a long way to go.

Bonita Bodie, animal co-ordinator for the Southend RSPCA, said: “We got her on Saturday. Her owners weren’t able to pay for her treatment.

She had no feeling in her legs and so her back legs had collapsed.

Earl’s Hall surgery did tests and found she had a slipped disc, so she was referred to hospital. She had an MRI scan, which shows a disc impacted in her spine. The operation was a success and she has some feeling in her legs, but it’s just a first step.”

Despite her condition, Bella’s happy disposition has won the hearts of all who have cared for her.

Ms Bodie added: “She is so placid and lovely. She had only ever been let out in a garden, so everything is exciting for her.”

The surgery has launched an appeal via the Facebook website and with the £700 raised at an RSPCA fundraising event by local children, the appeal is well on its way.

Ms Bodie said: “The response has been amazing. We still need another £1,500, just for the basic cost of her treatment and there will be further costs with rehabilitation.”

Justine Thorne from Earl’s Hall said: “She’s so lovely. We had just had to do something to help.

“We have set up a Justgiving page and the response has been amazing.”

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