A HUGE fire which took crews more than four days to put out is the subject of a new report designed to help other firefighters deal with similar incidents.

The blaze, at Tilbury Power Station, which took place two years ago this week, saw more than 120 firefighters called to the scene.

Incredibly, no one was hurt in the incident.

Divisional officer Mark Samuels, who wrote the report which will be used to teach other firefighters, said: “It’s not often a fire and rescue service is requested to respond to an incident of this nature.

“The scale of escalation – the dynamics of tackling what was in essence a high rise incident within a large power station – is somewhat unique.

“The fact the plant had recently converted from being coal-fired to using biomass pellets added unprecedented challenges as to how to tackle, suppress and extinguish this fire.”

The 68-page document contains many diagrams and accounts of the tactics used to tackled the blaze, describing the service organising a command structure for it within 15 minutes as “unprecedented”.

When they got to the scene, crews were faced with a fire 108 feet above ground, with early indications suggesting people might be trapped within the building.