THE first two sites that Basildon Council deems ripe for housebuilding have been revealed.

Earlier this month, Basildon Council agreed to set up its own company, complete with shareholders and directors, to build homes in the borough.

The council said it would look to develop small parcels of land and housing bosses have targeted ramshackle garages in Paslowes, Vange, to be turned into homes, as well as a block of homes in Roman Way, Billericay. Paslowes could be a controversial development as residents have been clamouring for extra parking spaces there due to a lack of space.

Vange Labour councillor Daniel Munyambu tabledamotion at last Thursday’s council meeting, which was adjourned, urging the authority to consider turning the garages into parking instead.

Mr Munyambu’s motion will nowbe heard at the next full council meeting.

Housing bosses have pledged to tidy up Paslowes and improve parking before any development happens.

The Tory administration also said it has written to 14 tenants of the former sheltered scheme, in Roman Way, to explain that if the project goes ahead, then each tenant will be re-housed in a property of their choosing.

It was decommissioned in 2011 after it was no longer providing a suitable standard of housing.

Compensation will be available to people affected.

Phil Turner, the Tory authority’s deputy leader and councillor responsible for housing, said: “By launching a council-owned house building company we are signalling our intention to provide quality new housing for our residents.

“We are at a very early stage with this project, but redeveloping sites like Roman Way and Pasoles is a key example of how we are making the first move when it comes to developing and improving our housing stock for future generations.”