A ROMANTIC tale of two lovers was weaved outside a college by anonymous knitting ninjas. 

The railings outside South Essex College in Southend was decorated overnight by by The Craft Club who are a group of 

The "yarn bomb" was created by the crafty group to brighten up the campus for Valentine's Day.

Yarn bombers leave knitted graffiti around towns and cities to reclaim and beautify the urban landscape.

The craze started five years ago in the United States, when Magda Sayeg founded the first guerrilla knitting group, Knitta Please, in Texas.

The Craft Club were also behind a festive-themed yarn bomb on the corner of Ashleigh Drive, and the Broadway, Leigh, which showed snowmen and a Christmas tree covering the top of a postbox. 

The knitters tweeted a picture of their creation last night and a spokesman for South Essex College said it was proving popular with students. 

He said: “We are more used to seeing art work in our campus gallery and in our art & design studios than on our railings but we think it is brilliant and it has certainly been getting lots of attention from people passing and across social media. 

"It was love at first sight, which is fitting with it being Valentine’s Day.”