AN elderly woman fled her home in terror after a burglar threw a brick at her window.

Ivy McFarlane, 83, was dozing in her armchair when she was woken by David Quinn, 49, banging on the window next to her.

She opened her eyes to see him peering at her through the darkness.

Mrs McFarlane ran to the phone to call 999 before fleeing to a neighbour’s house.

While she was out, Quinn, of Bockingham Green, Basildon, ransacked her home and stole her jewellery.

Basildon Crown Court heard yesterday cops swooped and arrested Quinn while he was still in the property.

Quinn, who has 24 previous convictions for burglary offences, admitted one count of burglary.

He was jailed for four years for the break-in, which happened in Methersgate, Basildon, on January 16.

Charlotte Davison, prosecuting, told the court, operators who took Mrs McFarlane’s 999 call said she was “completely terrified”.

She fled her house in such a panic she locked herself out.

Miss Davison added: “When officers arrived Quinn was still in the property and was effectively caught red-handed.

“He was in possession of her jewellery.

“He said to police, ‘I will do six years for this. Please get a message to the lady that I apologise. I did not target her.

“I did not know there was an elderly lady in the house’.”

Miss Davison said he was caught with a screwdriver.

Matthew Bowman, mitigating, said Quinn was last released from prison in March last year.

He had tried to stay away from crime but carried out the burglary in Methersgate after suffering a bereavement.

His Honour Judge Graham said: “This burglary was made worse by the fact that the victim was 83 years old.

“She was at home and had nodded off in her chair when she was woken by a brick being thrown at the window. She was terrified.

“You have a shocking record for burglary and are currently on recall back to prison for your last offence.”

The court heard the majority of Mrs McFarlane’s jewellery had been recovered by police.

DC Ian Burgess said: “We are pleased this man, who is a career criminal, has been locked up and taken off the streets.”