EMERGENCY repairs being carried out by Anglian Water in Little Wakering are causing residents concern.

Kimberley Road has had scores of tankers called in to repair a pumping station after heavy rain flooded the sewers.

The tankers are working day and night to pump out the water.

David Griffiths, of Kimberly Road, said: “It’s been a nightmare.

I live right opposite the pumping station and the tankers have been coming up and down the road all day and night for the past eight days.

“I’ve asked to be moved out of my home because I can’t get any sleep at night.”

A spokesman from Anglian Water said: “We’re sorry for any disturbance caused by our emergency pumping operation. If we didn’t carry out this vital work, it’s highly likely homes and gardens in the village would flood.

“The emergency tankering is needed because floodwater is getting into the sewers after recent heavy rain. These sewers are only designed to carry waste water from people’s homes.

“Once the water levels subside, we will carry out an investigation to try to find the problem, and plan how we’ll fix it.”