TRAFFIC restrictions are a danger to motorists, according to fed-up residents.

People living in Ramsden Bellhouse are calling on Essex County Council to repair faulty signs along Church Road.

Five keep left signs, which force drivers to slow down, were installed in September, but three have already been broken.

Lights which illuminate the signs after dark have gone out, raising fears it could cause an accident.

Mick Kohter, 65, of Orchard Avenue, has contacted Essex County Council about the traffic calming measures on numerous occasions over the past three months, but the problem has still not been fixed.

He said: “They have spent money putting the restrictions in place, but they don’t maintain them. The bollards have been damaged, not on purpose, but where cars have crashed into them.

“Now the lights have gone out on them you can’t really see them at all in the dark.

It’s very dangerous and it feels like we’re just waiting for an accident to happen.

“They probably only need the bulb replacing, which is hardly expensive.

“It just seems the council can’t be bothered. I have complained, but it doesn’t give any answers.”

A Church Road resident, who did not want to be named, added: “If anyone doesn’t know the calming measures are there, I don’t understand how they are meant to know they need to stop to give way to cars coming the other way.

“They lights need to be sorted before there’s a bad crash and someone ends up getting hurt.”

The repairs have been scheduled, but it is not yet known when the work will be carried out.

A spokesman for the council said: Essex Highways is aware of a number of faulty lights in this area.

“A request has been made for them to be repaired as a priority although at this time no specific date can be provided for when these lights will be repaired.”