URGENT calls are being made to fix a “dangerous” road blighted by potholes.

Complaints have been made about the shoddy state of Poors Lane North and Bramble Road in Daws Heath which have been riddled with deep potholes and cracks for months.

Residents claim lorries are tearing up the road surface, causing extensive damage and making it hazardous for people to drive there.

Thomas Harris, 30, of Bramble Hall Lane, said: “In the past few years the amount of heavy industrial traffic down here has increased a lot and we’re seeing more and more potholes.

“It’s getting so bad here, that every time you’re driving you’re worried about what condition your car will be left in.

“My sister came here recently and was left with £400 damage to her tyres.

“I complained to the council and I have a letter from it basically saying it doesn’t require any immediate intervention.

“It’s ridiculous, some of them are about a foot deep.

“Whenever it does fill them in, they just are torn back open by the lorries. The whole road just needs to be relaid.”

A spokeswoman for Essex County Council said the authority hoped to carry out the repairs as soon as possible.

An Essex Highways spokeswoman said: “Essex Highways is aware of these defects and repairs are currently being scheduled to be undertaken at the earliest possible opportunity in line with the Essex Highways’ Maintenance Policy.”