A CAR-JACKING took place in Westcliff this morning..

The incident started at West Road at about 8.25am on Saturday, February 9.

The car was stationary at traffic lights at the junction with London Road when the men jumped in, threatened the driver with a knife and demanded money. He was then ordered to drive off and into Cotswold Road.

The driver then managed to get out and run off as the thieves drove away with the car, a five-door silver Ford Escort.

The man brandishing the knife was white, 5ft 10in tall, of slim build, with a drawn-looking face and short light brown hair.

He was wearing a long-sleeved light-coloured jumper. The knife was described as a small serrated kitchen knife with a blade around 3-4in long with a black handle.

The second man was of a slight tanned Mediterranean appearance, more than 6ft tall, of large build which was more on the fat side than muscle, with a round face and black, short curly hair. It was not known what he was wearing.

Anyone with information should contact PC Kiri Karlo at Southend CID on 101.