COUNCILLORS are looking to partly remedy Billericay’s parking problems by returning a damaged car park to its former glory.

The car park on Bridge Parade, near Perry Street, is currently used by shop owners and several residents although there are only several spaces available and there are no markings to show individual spaces.

Essex County Council say there are plans to resurface the car park although county councillor Tony Hedley said the council still need to determine whether the car park falls under their authority or is privately owned, in which case plans may not be able to go ahead.

Mr Hedley said: “We have been looking at the car park for a number of years as there is potential to fit more cars in there even though it may only be little more than a dozen. I am under no illusion we need more parking and if this will create a little then that can only be positive. As soon as I know whether this is county council responsibility I will move forward with possible plans to change it.”

If the car park is the responsibility of Essex County Council it could be resurfaced by the end of April. It is currently full of potholes and although they have been filled in, shop owners recently said they were unhappy with the repairs.

Dave Withers from DGW Meats and former Billericay councillor Terence Gandy said it was all very well filling in the holes but the repairs wouldn’t last for long and it was driving away business from the area.

Deputy leader of Basildon Council Phil Turner said he has been working closely with Mr Hedley to make the change possible and says it heralds a good start to the year.

“Although this isn’t a solution as such it is something. We understand the concerns about parking and if we can improve on the space already available it will be done.”

The only car parks currently available to shoppers are in the High Street, next to New Look, and at Waitrose, where there are restrictions meaning there is a two hour maximum stay limit.