TWO youngsters landed their dream role and got the chance to act with an impressive list of celebrities.

Luke Olley, 16, and James Anderson, 13, got the chance to play the same character – at different ages – in the newest King Arthur film.

The cast boasts Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, Jude Law as King Vortigem and even features David Beckham.

The two youngsters, who are both from the Leigh-based Singer Stage School, play Black Lack, King Arthur’s friend, and feature in a flashback of King Arthur growing up and his childhood.

James, from Earls Hall Avenue, in Southend, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I found out that David Beckham was on this film. I worked with him on a commercial for Sainsbury’s – he is my sports hero.

“I wasn’t nervous of auditioning for the role as at Singer Stage School we have panels of drama specialists who teach us all the time so we are always used to working with famous actors, casting directors, and dancers for workshops.”

For Luke, from Sandringham Road, in Southend, it was his first professional job.

He said: “King Arthur was my first one, so it was a great way to start and it was like getting a masterclass from watching the leads in action.

We have amazing training with Sandra Singer who runs the school, not only is she an experienced agent in the area of screen acting but understands what we need to work on so we are prepared for anything a script can throw at us.”

Sandra added: “I am so very proud of the school.

“In my capacity as an agent my students have had some fantastic success.”