SCHOOLCHILDREN have the chance to get out and discover nature thanks to a special new area at their school.

Lee Chapel Primary School, in The Knares, Basildon, has created a new nature reserve area on site to give youngsters to chance to find out more about the creatures which live near the school.

Two delighted pupils, Ella-Rose Hughs and Macey Howghton, won a competition to name it The Bug Snug.

Leader of Science David Heard said: “We really wanted to try to engage our pupils with nature and the impact which we have as humans on the planet.

“As we have quite a lot of building work going on we wanted to offset that by getting them back to nature more so our team have put the reserve together.

“We wanted it to be about the creatures you get around here so it isn’t that plant based.

“We have nearly finished creating some bug hotels out of big pallets. There are some big log piles for small animals to hide in and we have some bird homes to put up as well.

“There are also some hedgehog hotels which should be lovely.”