A BROWNIE met the Prime Minister at No 10...and gave him a present for his daughter.

Sienna Billings, eight, was among ten Essex Brownies chosen to help form the 100-strong delegation which visited Number 10 to “mob” David Cameron at a party in the rose garden.

During the visit, marking the Brownies’ centenary, she presented him with a loom band she made for his daughter Florence, four this month.

Sienna said: “It was really amazing.

I made the band with the Brownie colours because I like loom bands.

“My favourite bits at Downing Street were playing games and eating Downing Street sausages because they were really nice.”

Sienna, of Hatfield Road, Rayleigh added she was picked to represent the the 9th Castle Mount East Brownies because she was confident and smiled a lot.

She has earned a special patch badge showing the door to Number 10 in the Brownie colours of blue, brown and yellow.

During the party, the Brownies were also asked to write down their wishes for the next 100 years, which were collected in a book to be kept at Downing Street for visitors to see Sienna said she wished the Brownies would still meet face-toface in 2114, rather than virtually.

They also played games in the garden, including archery, plate spinning, and water bomb throwing.

Chief Guide Jill Slocombe said of the trip: “Brownies are all about fun, adventure and showing just howbig a difference girls can make – and they definitely succeeded in bringing a bit of that spirit to Downing Street.

“It’s important girls know they can make their voices heard and it’s great that their wishes are being heard at Number 10 – though I’m not sure even the Prime Minister could arrange for the Brownies to have their weekly meetings on Mars.”

Southend Standard:

David Cameron holding Sienna's loom band