FIVE fundraising firefighters said goodbye to their long locks after a year without a haircut.

Chris Seal and his colleagues from Leigh fire station raised about £1,300 for the Burned Children’s Club.

The Basildon-based club supports youngsters with everything from minor injuries which heal, to serious or life-threatening burns requiring longterm care and surgery.

Sporting shoulderlength locks, Chris and Dave Allen, Rob Tubb, Allan Weidner and Andy Paton, visited KB Barbers, in Eastwood.

Chris said: “It feels nice when you have a haircut anyway, let alone after a year without one.

“It was OK when we were at work all together, but we’re in our forties so on your day off, when you’re out and about, we were getting the odd strange look.

“The charity is one that often gets overlooked, but it does great work building up the confidence of young burns victims.

“It was great of Kieron Bailhan to give his time free to cut all our hair. We also thank Scopes Asbestos Removal or a sizable donation."