A COUNCIL wants more adoptive parents to come forward after its experts helped advise on a TV show which starts tonight.

Adoption officials from Southend were among the experts who were consulted over ITV’s Wanted: A Family of My Own presented by Nicky Campbell.

Southend Council’s group manager for placements and resources, Diane Keens, said: “Our staff were very pleased to assist with this series which really puts adoption in the public eye in a new way.

“Adoption is a legal process which passes all responsibility for the child on to the adoptive parent or parents and the child takes their family name.

“But the most vital consideration is for those planning to take on that responsibility to do their utmost to meet the child’s emotional and developmental needs.

“Some people mistakenly count themselves out of the possibility of adopting children because they think they don’t meet the criteria, but they may find the opportunities wider than they realise.”

One of Southend’s adoptive parents said: “The adoption of our son is the best thing we have ever done. It has changed our lives completely and we love him so much.

“If you are thinking about adopting, pick up the phone and speak to the adoption team. You will not regret it."

Southend works jointly with Thurrock and Havering to provide adoption services.

For more details call 01702 212938, email: adoption@southend.gov.uk or visit www.southend.gov.uk/adoption or follow Southend Adoption Agency on Facebook.