A CAMPAIGNING councillor is celebrating after he successfully introduced a 20mph zone in Westcliff.

Paul Collins, a Liberal Democrat councillor, took up the fight to make St George’s Park Avenue and Westborough Road safer for children and families.

Speed humps have now been installed at the west end of Westborough Road and 20mph signs went up on Tuesday there and in St George’s Park Avenue.

Mr Collins surveyed and sent leaflets to residents in Westborough Road and the surrounding area in April last year after the council put up notices suggesting St George’s Park Avenue would have speed bumps put on it and be made one way.

He received more than 70 replies detailing what the residents would prefer and took it to the council in May 2013, with the amendments approved in September.

Mr Collins said: “It is a significant move to make the road safer, especially for families walking their children to and from Chalkwell schools.

“It has been a battle, but I am delighted it has been won.

“People knew exactlywhat they wanted and have got it installed. The council listened to what the residents had to say.”

Alex Cranfield, of St George’s Park Avenue, said: “The general view was we did not want it to be one way, but 20mph with no speed humps.

“People would often nip up our road if they got stuck at traffic lights in Southbourne Grove or Westbourne Grove.

Hopefully that will stop now.”

Tony Cox, Southend councillor responsible for public protection, waste and transport said: “We’re always willing to listen to the local community and I’m pleased in this instance we’ve been able to work with local residents to amend the original proposals.

“We are now putting in a scheme residents are happy with and just as importantly will improve road safety in the area.”