CHARLEY Jennings ran an incredible 109 miles in just 24 hours to claim another victory in the popular HARP 24 event.

Participants competed as individuals and in teams of varying sizes during the race which sees runners run a 4.2 mile loop continually for 24 hours.

But it was Jennings who ran further than anybody else as she covered a remarkable 109 miles - despite pre-race fears for her fitness.

“I hadn’t done as much training as I would’ve liked so I wasn’t sure how it would go but I really enjoyed it, just like I always do,” said Jennings.

“HARP 24 is a great event and it brings together runners from so many different local clubs.

“People camp out and in many ways it’s a bit like going to a festival with some running going on.

“There is always somebody to talk to while you’re running and it’s a really nice route too.”

Jennings, who is from Rayleigh, has now won the event two years in a row.

And she felt the secret to her success was not stopping for too long.

“If you tell yourself you’re going to have a break and sit down you end up sitting down for longer than you thought you would do,” said Jennings, 43.

“It can be hard to get running again after that too so I tried not to have too many breaks and was quite pleased with how it went.

“I ate and drank on the move and walked whenever I needed a bit of a rest rather than stopping completely.”

More than 450 runners took part in the event to raise funds for HARP, a Southend based charity which helps the homeless.