LEIGH Striders were back on the road following wretched recent weather with 13 runners heading to the Orion 15 in Epping.

The first male Strider home was Matibini Matibini [1:47:41] and the first lady Strider Helen Kidgell was back in 2:31.24.

Matibini finished 22nd out of a high quality field of 300 runners around the tough 15-mile course.

Neil Spicer was less than two minutes behind Matibini and men’s captain Dean Ovel was less than three minutes after him.

Results: 22nd Matibini Matibini [1:47.07], 26th Neil Spicer [1:48.41], 34th Dean Ovel [1:51.06], 84th Darren Summers [2:02.36], 88th Matthew Letley [2:05.46], 115th Ronan Quinn [2:09.49], 147th Wayne Smith [2:16.07], 176th John Western [2:20.44], 211th Arran Salmon [2:27.07], 235th Helen Kidgell [2:31.24], 244th Fiona Walker [2:34.00], 259th Keith Limburn [2:41.04], 289th Steve Pettitt [2:58.33].

Three Striders took part in the Colchester half marathon.

Matt Barrett was first back in 1:29.08 and he was quickly followed by Andy Collier [1:35.50] and Leilah McClay [2:03.44].

Three Striders took part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

Steve Joslin finished in 1:40.54 ahead of Lucy Baker [2:20.11], Kerry Prigg [2:20.11] and Stephen Wicks [2:32.29].

Julia Summers and Claire Davies took part in the 20-mile Bedford 20 as part of their marathon training.

Summers finished in 3:26.01, 30 minutes ahead of Davies [3:56.07].