KIERA Tippett will travel to Australia next year, after qualifying for the World Triathlon Championships.

Tippett recently became the National Aquathlon champion, as well as the British Standard Distance Triathlon champion, to book her place in the Championships.

And the King John School A-level pupil is looking forward to travelling to Australia for the first time after her recent successes.

Tippett said: “I have never been to Australia before. I have always wanted to go but to now be able to go there and compete in the World Triathlon Championships is fantastic.

“The fact that I am the National Aquathlon champion and British Standard Distance Triathlon champion still has not sunk in yet.

“I have had a few busy weekends since then and I still don’t know how to react when people talk to me about it.

“But it is amazing to say that I am a champion in those two competitions.”

The 18-year-old’s success comes after leaving her coach, Perry Agass.

While Tippett’s former coach has moved on to Cyprus, the teenager decided she wanted to join Chalkwell Redcaps and Benfleet Running Club.

And Tippett says the parting of ways was amicable.

“We parted on good terms,” added Tippett.

“He was going to Cyprus to work, while I had my exams.

“I also decided that I had other things I wanted to do here, like stay with my swimming club, rather than go to Cyprus.

“But we are still in contact now.

“I have really enjoyed my time with Chalkwell Redcaps and Benfleet Running Club so far.

“It has been really good meeting other people that are doing the same stuff as me.

“For the last two-and-a-half years I was just training with Perry so at times it could get a bit lonely.

“It’s really enjoyable now to train with other people.”

The triathlete is currently competing in Dusseldorf, Germany, in the European Triathlon Championships.

Tippett will then be involved in the World Triathlon Championships, which will be held in the Netherlands in September.

And the King John School pupil, who is currently taking her A-levels while also competing, has travelled to Germany with an open mind.

Tippett admitted: “I am pleased with what I have achieved this year.

“I came fourth in Slovakia earlier this year and I was really happy with that as well.

“I will not be competing over my usual distance at the European Triathlon Championships.

“This will be half of what I am used to, so I have no expectations going into this.

“I have competed in Slovakia, now Germany and later this year in the Netherlands.

“Competing in these events involves a lot of travelling and funding because it is all self-funded unless you are at an elite level, like the Brownlees.

“My sponsors have been amazing in supporting me.”