Controversial plans to build 455 homes in Thundersley have caused quite the uproar from residents this week.

The new development plans propose to build 455 homes on green belt land on Rayleigh Road, Thundersley. The plans also offer a community hall, health facilities, open space and a nursery as part of the blueprint.

But residents have made it no secret that they’re not happy about the proposed development – raising concerns over the environmental impact this will have on wildlife, air pollution and traffic congestion.

Our readers have also shared their thoughts on the development. Here’s what some had to say:

Michael Boult said: “Never mind the ridiculous traffic scenario in and around surrounding areas we need elements of nature to survive, for oxygen, birds , bees and insects all of which were here first and we have stolen their environment. We need to help all “green belt” land, which is why it was made “green belt”.”

Kate Reeves Hughes said: “This area is going to be even more gridlocked. It’s still busy now and most people are working from home and schools are shut.

“It can take half an hour and more at times to get from one side of the weir to the other. “They’ve built so many houses on green belt land over the past five years or so the roads can’t take it never mind all the pollution it causes.”

Ian Hemmings said: “Disgraceful. We will have no green belt left soon. What about the local wildlife? And [I] dread to think what the Raleigh weir and traffic up the Rayleigh Road towards Hadliegh would be like. It’s terrible as it is in rush hour.”

Alison Duffy said: “I can't see why they can't just renovate derelict buildings instead of building more. We going to end up living in a concrete jungle. It's horrible...just stop.”

Malcolm Lewis said: “I thought the idea of it being classed as "Green Belt" was that it was meant not to be built on.”

Bryan Lock said: “Crazy, the roads round there are already busy.”

Mark Seamark said: “Be like London soon. No parking, loads traffic and over populated.”

Liz Gaitens said: All round Rayleigh is at a standstill for large parts of the day and that’s in a lockdown. Then there is that massive estate going up between Runwell Road and London Road, which will bring more traffic on to the London Road.

“Apart from all the traffic where is all the rainwater going to go now that all that farmland will be under concrete.”

Kay Fogg said: “Rayleigh Road is at a snail's pace often on the weekends under normal circumstances, the additional traffic from this would make the area a total nightmare, because there's no chance of improving this section of Rayleigh Road.”

Jean Cook said: “Why Must they build there? There are loads of brown belt places that don’t invade an already crowded area.”