The fear of being a “fat dad” spurred a 20-stone man on to lose weight and become a bodybuilder - taking to the stage in competitions.

Scott Gibson’s inspiring transformation began after he struggled to get into his size 42 trousers after a Christmas “binge” in 2016.

The 32-year-old sales director, was petrified of still being overweight when his son, Jack - now four-years-old - was born.

Now, Scott gets up at 4am every day and works out three times a day to stay in shape for competition.

“There was this fear of being ‘the fat dad’ I suppose, or not being able to run around with your little lad playing football”, he said.

Scott, from Ashingdon, started slowly, shedding the weight over two years with regular exercise and a revamped diet – by 2018 he weighed just 13 stone.

Later that year he was diagnosed with pericarditis, an infection on the lining of his heart.

“I was walking into work one day and I just dropped, I couldn’t breathe”, he said.

“Laying in a hospital bed, I was contemplating my life. That was my kickstart. Life is short and if you don’t take every opportunity, then you have wasted it.”

The spell in hospital saw him not only vow to remain healthy and last November he competed in his first bodybuilding competition.

“It was an unreal experience and now I’ve caught the bug for it”, he said.

His four-year-old son Jack also loves to get involved.

“When I train in the garage he picks up the resistance bands and tries to join in and when I’m practicing posing for stage he does the same, it’s so adorable,” Scott added.

He may have ditched the weight but the bodybuilder is still looking forward to a relaxing Christmas.

Scott said: “As much fun as eating chicken and rice is all year, it’s nice to enjoy a bit of normality.”