STUDENTS will continue to learn at home next week as a high school continues its partial closure because so many staff are self-isolating.

Last week, Beauchamps School in Wickford, was forced to launch its contingency plan, which means the school is partially closed and some students have to learn from home.

Headteacher Mat Harper has now written to parents revealing the school will now face another week of partial closure.

He added: “This is because we still have a significant number of staff who are having to self-isolate through the test and trace system.

“Therefore, for the week beginning November 23, 2020, we will be asking students in Years 7 and 8 to work from home both Monday and Tuesday, to clarify, this is for both year groups for both days.

“We will of course offer education using virtual learning platforms for any year group not in school, this will include video lessons and voice over presentations..”

Mr Harper said Years 9, 10 and 11 should attend as normal unless circumstances change.

He added: “Also, for the next two weeks, during the planned Year 12 and 13 exam weeks, both Year 12 and 13 A level students will have a period of study leave, only attending the 6th Form for their exams.

“We will however be providing a dedicated study support area for Year 13 students who feel unable to prepare for these exams at home, or for students we feel need that extra-support Mr Harper said he hoped this will be a short-term adjustment to the school week.

He added: “This decision is a very difficult one, of course we always want all of our students in school, but safety has to be our primary concern, and our current staffing levels leave me no choice but to make this adjustment.”