DOZENS of motorists have been fined after parking at Shoebury train station for a matter of minutes - with some being handed tickets for using the car park to turn round.

Despite a 20-minute grace period while dropping people off or picking them up, drivers are being sent penalty notices saying they have been parked up for hours.

NCP, which runs the car park, has apologised for the problems.

Victim Kevin Lowe said: “I pick my son up and was parked on September 2 for about five or six minutes tops but I’ve received a parking charge saying I parked from 7.08pm until 5.40pm on September 3.”

Debbie Cole said: “My husband got one and his workmate got three. All they did was turn around in the car park. All were challenged and the fines cancelled.”

Donna Louise Payne added: “I contested the fine. I told them it was ridiculous to think I had parked in the drop off for nine hours and I would not be paying. They wrote off the fine.”

NCP have acknowledged the problem at the site which they said was less busy during the pandemic allowing drivers to stray “outside normal parameters of the lanes” and out of view of some cameras.

A spokeswoman said: “As a consequence, the cameras are not always picking up the vehicle exiting or entering the site.

“Our teams are aware of this and will be putting a solution in place to address this.

"Our appeals team have been briefed on this situation and will address all PCN appeals on an individual case-by-case basis to ensure no customer is unfairly charged. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Peter Lovett, vice chairman of Shoeburyness Residents’ Association, said: “It is good news that NCP recognises there is a problem.

“It is a good thing it will be put right because it is not fair on Shoebury residents.”