Beach wardens are being extra vigilant and are poised to act if needed after a group of men took horses into a seafront paddling pool, sparking community outrage.

Furious families blasted the men seen at Concord Beach pool on Canvey’s seafront, as children frolicked nearby in the sunshine.

Now bosses say wardens are ready to give the horse owners the boot from the seafront, after angry families demanded council action.

Caroline Murray, 54, of Canvey said: “I saw what happened and was so shocked that people feel they can do this and get away with it.

“There are so many health and safety and danger risks with doing this, and especially when there were lots of children playing nearby.

“The council must take more responsibility with this, it’s no good the council saying it’s wrong and sitting back, we need assurances our children can play there and enjoy the water safely.

“We need to feel the council is taking this very seriously, as lots of us feel it is not.

“This should never have happened and we must know the council is doing all it can to stop it and deal with this.”

But Norman Smith, Tory leader of Castle Point Council has now spoken out and confirmed wardens will act and deal with any similar incidents.

He said: “I fully understand the concern and anger felt by families; we as a council feel the same and agree.

“Our wardens are being extra vigilant in this area and will act if they catch anyone else doing this again.

“I’m sure the message and outrage has spread fast in the horse community and I’d guess these people or any others wouldn’t try this again.

“We could not have any physical barrier at the pool as it would restrict access from visitors who should be enjoying the pool including wheelchair users.”

Angry residents posted images on Facebook of incident at the pool, pointing out how their beloved dogs are understandably banned but it seemed horses were welcome.

More than 60 residents joined the conversation on Facebook about the horses at the pool, which happened on Wednesday, July 29.