A HUGE mound of fly-tipped rubbish blocking the entrance to a pedestrian crossing was not removed for a week.

The massive amount of black bags was stacked to more than the height of a car on Southchurch Road.

Residents and the community group Project Southchurch called on the council for answers as to why the rubbish was not collected.

Rob McAvoy, co-founder of the group, said: “One of the residents has been in contact since Monday.

“When I saw it, it really was high. It was blocking the pavement for those with pushchairs and people who have mobility issues. Councillors are doing their best to approach some of the officers concerned. It’s just got worse over the week.

“It’s not on, it’s absolutely disgraceful, there’s enough challenges on this road as it is, this attracts the unsavoury side of things, both human and otherwise.”

The rubbish has been stacked near Mr Ping’s Chinese restaurant, although who has dumped it all remains unknown. Southend Council are appealing for information to find the party responsible.

Carole Mulroney, councillor responsible for environment and planning, said: “Following the report of the fly-tip, our recycling and waste partner, Veolia, sent a team down to the site to clear the rubbish yesterday.

“Fly-tipping is something that simply should not be happening at any time, especially not whilst we are still battling this pandemic. It is illegal and is totally unacceptable. It diverts vital staff resources away from their critical work, particularly during the busy summer months.”

Report fly-tipping at southend.gov.uk/mysouthend.”