A vulnerable patient has pleaded with shoppers to wear their masks.

Leanne Thompson, from Shoebury, who is under treatment with immunosuppressants, has urged shoppers not to be stupid and wear there masks from July 24.

This comes after the Government announced the public must wear masks in shops from ten days time.


Leanne shared her story on social media, saying: "Every eight weeks I have meds pumped into my body that knock the **** out of my immune system to stop my body from attacking itself.

"This stuff keeps me alive. The downside is - my immune system is on the floor and I am vulnerable to infection ... yep, Covid-19 is a very real threat to me.

"For those of you who don’t want to wear a mask because it’s an infringement of rights, or uncomfortable, or you think it’s going to starve you of oxygen (it isn’t), I ask you to please take your head out of your **** and think of others at this horrendous time.

"I’m not talking about those who can’t wear a mask, I am well aware of invisible disabilities and those who genuinely can’t - you need protecting too by those who can wear a mask.

"I would very much like to see my babies grow up, and if you wearing a mask while you pop to the shop means less chance of this virus getting to me and mine, is that not worth it?"