Day-trippers flocking to the coast are being urged to use their common sense as councils continue efforts to keep visitors and residents safe.

It comes as visitors have rushed to Southend seafront for a second day in a row.

Martin Terry, Southend councillor for community safety said it’s up to visitors to use their common sense and that his authority can only do so much.

He said: “Stay safe, stay apart, has been our very clear message to visitors and residents. Following the Government advice, we have put in place every possible measure to allow people to use the seafront safely. We have widened the promenade, installed a traffic contraflow and have additional council staff and volunteers working along the seafront to assist the public.

“There is only so much we can do and the large burden of responsibility falls upon individuals to follow the Government guidance, use their common sense and social distance appropriately.”

Southend Standard:

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The seafront was mobbed yesterday by daytrippers from as far away as Manchester and Leicestershire as well as some Londoners.

And the situation appears to be no different today, with the town's beaches proving to be a magnet as temperatures touch 24 degrees.