CHARITABLE donations left outside closed charity shops in Southend will be classed as flytipping "until further notice". 

In a Facebook post, Southend Council said more items than usual are being left outside such shops by residents who are clearing out their homes during the lockdown. 

But because the shops - like most across the country - are shut, the donations are piling up.

The post states: "We are experiencing a higher amount of items than usual being left outside charity shops in the borough at the moment.

"Please store any items you are looking to give to charity responsibly at home, until the charity shops reopen.

"Please do not leave them in front of charity shops as they are now closed until further notice.

"Any items left in front of charity shops at the moment will be classed as fly-tipping." 

For information about kerbside collections in Southend throughout the lockdown, click here.