A FATHER and son ran more than the distance of a full marathon... in their back garden. And filmed the whole thing!

After getting inspiration from a news story last week, which talked about a runner who was due to take part in the London Marathon next month, but due to the event being cancelled decided to do it in his back garden, Max Lamprell, 23, from Southend, and dad Steve, 54, decided to recreate their own version.

And they made an entertaining video documenting it all, before posting it on YouTube.

The “isolation creation” saw Max calculate the distance of a marathon which is 42km, and split it into laps of his garden, which measured just over 24-metres.

The calculation worked out to be 1,510 laps of the garden, at their home at Mayfield Avenue, Southend. Max now proudly calls it The Mayfield Marathon.

The creative young man, who has a hobby for vlogging, then marked 152 lines on a whiteboard and crossed a line off the board each time they completed ten laps.

Southend Standard:

At work - Max and dad Steve

The lads spruced up the garden beforehand by cutting back overgrowing hedges and scooping up their pet dog’s poop...

Max, told the Echo: “My Dad and I were watching a guy on the news who had done it and me and dad just thought ‘we should do that’, and within a few days we were running around the garden for eight hours.”

The determined father and son completed the tiring challenge in one go with the exception of a few short breaks, which took them more than eight hours, with no training or help.

The neighbours even played their part by passing over water and snacks over the fence, and a few bottles of beer upon completion...

Max added: “The beauty of it is, is that myself and my dad are very stubborn, so when we set our minds to something we have to do it.

“We done the Three Peaks Challenge a couple of years ago, and cycled from London to Paris in 24 hours but failed as my brother fell off his bike.

“We managed to do it all in one go with zero training.

“It definitely takes its toll on your hips and knees more because of all the running around in a circle.

“I haven’t actually done any running for about a year but my dad is a weekly Parkrun runner - he’s over at Shoebury every week.

“We really enjoyed doing it an putting a smile on people’s faces and I want to do more videos to make people laugh.

“We have joked about doing a Mount Everest climb on a ladder, but whether we will do it or not, I don’t know.”