Builders could be ordered to tear down a two-story extension which is almost double the size permitted.

Planning permission was granted in 2014 for a rear extension behind 155-161 Westborough Road, Westcliff to create three new flats in addition to an existing flat.

Permission stated the extension should not have extended more than 4.5metres from the original building but it extends 8.7 metres, dwarfing neighbouring buildings.

Planning officers have now requested councillors issue an enforcement notice to remove 4.2metres of building.

Originally two separate shops to the ground floor with flats above, the building was amalgamated into one unit relatively recently and during the current construction.

The sheer scale of the new build has impacted on adjacent flats.

A report by planning officers said: “The unauthorised extension by reason of its size, scale and position creates an excessively dominant feature causing a material worsening of those flats’ daylight and outlook particularly to the first floor bedroom window in the base of the recess and creating an undue oppressive sense of enclosure for that house’ rear garden setting.”

It adds: “In June 2019 a complaint was received about alleged antisocial behaviour by builders at this site including removal of a boundary fence and the condition of the site having a negative impact on the visual amenity of the area.

“In July 2019 Planning Enforcement Staff attended the site and spoke with the

builders. It was noted that the rear garden area was full of builder’s rubble and waste and that the plans the builders were working to were dated 2018 whereas the planning approval was in 2014.

“It was also noted that the rear two-storey extensions appeared to be materially deeper than that approved.”

Officers say no effort has been made to rectify the building and it is currently for sale.