SUPERMARKET staff were forced to hide a foodbank collection trolley... seemingly to stop thieves stealing from it.

When a customer noticed that a number of items had been taken from the Southend Foodbank trolley at Tesco Express, in Prince Avenue, Southend, staff hid the collection trolley to keep donations safe.

Natasha Copus, project manager at Southend Foodbank, said: “Donations first started to go missing last week, which we suspect was things like pasta and beans which are short on the shelves at the moment.

“We thought our collection had been taken away, but it turns out people were stealing from it.

“As a result, they had to move the collection point to behind customer services to stop thieves from stealing items.

“Of course we don’t know people’s situations, but it seems the outbreak is bringing out both the worst and the best in people.”

Donations can now be left with Tesco staff at the customer service desk.

The foodbank are appealing for tinned carrots, rice, tinned meats and packet mash.

Manager Natasha added: “We’d be so grateful if people continued to still donate if and when they can.

“We understand there are limited supplies and that nobody is allowed to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, but there are other ways to help.

“By visiting Bankuet, you can donate money to help buy food which will be delivered to us in our slot on April 16.

“This means you don’t necessarily have to leave the safety of your home to make a difference.

“We will stay open as long as we possibly can providing we have the supplies and volunteers, and we can’t thank those enough who have volunteered to help especially in this hard and scary time.

“Southend Foodbank really appreciate your support and kindness in this hard time.”