A PENSIONER was left shaken after a brick was thrown through her front window after a row over parking.

Doreen Bishop, whose kitchen window was smashed, fears she may be the victim of mistaken identity after an argument broke out between two people outside her home.

She believes one of the people thought the other lived in her home, given where the fracas, on Thursday, had taken place.

Essex Police have launched an investigation.

The 73-year-old widow, who lives in Lobelia Mews, Laindon, said: “I am very emotional about what’s happened and I feel very vulnerable.

“I heard a loud bang when I was sitting in the living room but didn’t think anything of it.

“It wasn’t until the next morning I was told there was a row outside over parking that night, and someone had pushed my neighbour into my car.

“I thought I better check my car but then I saw my window had been smashed and there was a piece of brick.”

She added: “I’m fuming. There is nothing but trouble around here.

“This is the fifth incident now. I just think to myself ‘why me?’

“I don’t deserve this, I’ve worked hard all my life and still work 24 hours a week in a care home.

“When I lost my husband, everyone admired my strength and courage to carry on.”

The 73-year-old widow has lived in her home for more than 40 years.

Another resident added: “It’s disgusting what has happened.

“It is getting worse around here. We all work hard for our stuff so for someone to come along and do this is a disgrace.

“There are so many people round here taking drugs and it if wasn’t for all of them we would be okay.

“It’s got to stop.”

A spokesman for Essex Police confirmed an investigation has been launched. Call 101 with information.