A DUNKIRK veteran who escaped the military disaster is set to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Charles Biscoe, who will celebrate the milestone on March 8, fought in World War Two and miraculously escaped the beaches of Dunkirk and fought several battles across Italy, France, and Belgium.

Charles, a driver and mechanic of a Bren gun in the war and who has lived on Canvey for 30 years, will celebrate his 100th birthday with four generations of his family.

The young Charles was sent to France in April 1940 before the evacuation from the beaches in June 1940.

His regiment, the Royal West Kent, joined the eighth Indian Division in El Alamein, in Egypt, where he fought in the major battle in the town in 1942.

Charles then fought in Iran, Persia, and Greece before seeing combat in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy.

He finished his military career on July 28 1946, after serving for eight years and 46 days.

When the film Dunkirk was released in 2017, Charles was delighted to be invited to the premiere, and was given the opportunity to meet Prince Harry.

Mr Biscoe’s son, Chris, told the Echo how proud he is of his dad and his achievements.

He said: “He’s the last man standing really. Everyone else has passed away that he knew.

“It’s unbelievable when you think about it.

“He was so brave. I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I wouldn’t have the guts. The whole family are so proud of him.

“Knowing that he fought for our country is wonderful.

The proud son added, as with many war veterans, Mr Biscoe does not like to talk openly about his experiences in the war.

Chris added: “He was rescued from Dunkirk by a boat that only held 20 people.

“He was told to throw water out from the boat. He hid on board to stay alive.

“He doesn’t really like talking about the war. The horrors he saw must have seen so bad, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

“He was 19 when he joined the Army. People were struggling for jobs.”

The soon-to-be-centenarian Mr Biscoe will celebrate his birthday with 29 members of his family for dinner at the Top Meadow golf club, in Upminster.